Most of us have a pretty small budget immediately after the purchase of a new home.  Even while this may just be the house of your dreams you still have to keep costs affordable.  What problems are you able to postpone for a little bit and what ought to be repaired now?  When it comes to repairing or replacing the plumbing should you find a plumber or try and fix it yourself?

Before we list the pros and cons….if it is a huge job it is best to get a professional plumber involved.  Here is our favorite contractor for plumbing services in Centennial CO.

Listed here are the pros and cons:

Benefits of doing it yourself

It is a good idea if:

  1. You have some basic plumbing knowledge. While you may not be a real plumber you may be a “handy” person with no problem repairing stuff in your home, then you should fix it. Be very truthful with yourself about your skills in fixing the plumbing.  You do not want to make the problem a whole lot worse and even more costly.
  2. Your plumbing issue is quick and simple to repair. It is fairly simple to make the situation worse as opposed to better.  Substantial repairs require a plumbing company, but small things like replacing a faucet is okay for the average homeowner to try on their own.
  3. Get a plan B. You might end up with a flooded basement or bathroom if the problem is more serious than you first thought.  In the middle of a flood is absolutely not when you want to try and find out how to fix the plumbing.  Should you need it, have the name of a local plumbing company close at hand.


Disadvantages of doing it yourself:

  1. In case you’re not certain if it might be fixed easily or the repairs needed are considerable. Serious repairs require a pro not a band aid solution.  Stuff like leaks need to be repaired immediately.  Structural problems and rotten wood happens if water leaks aren’t repaired, not to mention you can end up with mold and a very expensive problem to fix.
  2. The house is a fixer upper. Older houses that have not been adequately looked after usually need a lot of work, which includes updating the entire plumbing system.  This is too big a project to do all on your own, it needs a plumbing company.
  3. The cost the plumbing company is billing is rather low.  Let the professionals do the work in that case.

Doing it yourself may seem like a sensible way to save money on expensive plumbing repairs, but that isn’t going to be the case if you don’t know what you are doing.  Plumbing isn’t something you can learn from YouTube videos, call a licensed local plumber and save yourself the time, trouble and cost.